D1.1 Detailed Project Management Plan

D1.2 Website & Data Exchange Platform

D2.1 Fuel Characterisation and Analysis of Corrosion/Fouling Potential

D1.3 Detailed Risk Managament Plan

D2.2 Performance of Biomass Pre-Treatment

D2.3 Comparison of Treated and Untreated Fuels

D2.4 Additive Characterisation (Confidential)

D3.1 Material investigations for FB combustion systems

D3.3 Results from 4 MW FB Experiments (Confidential)

D4.2 Results from 200 kW Pilot Scale Test Rig

D4.3 Results from Full-Scale Power Plant Measurements (Confidential)

D5.1 Data Collection and Evaluation

D5.2 Environmental Impact and Resource Efficiency

D5.3 Fly Ash Formation Model

D5.4 Experiences with Advanced Sensor Diagnostics for Improved Furnace Diagnostics

D6.2 Influence of Pre-Treatment, Blending, and Additives on Ash Composition

D6.3 Draft for Technical Regulations for Biomass Ash Utilisation in Europe

D7.2 Risk and Socioeconomic Analysis

D7.3 Concepts for the Next Generation Biomass-Based CHP Power Station (Confidential)

D8.1 Detailed Dissemination and Innovation Management Plan

D8.2 Status Update on Dissemination Activities with Industrial Relevance

D8.3 Status Update on Dissemination Activities with Scientific Relevance

D8.4 Report on Educational Impact Biofficiency

D3.2 Results from 50 kW FB Experiments

D7.1 Process Modelling of Heat Utilisation Options

D6.1 Classification of Ashes and Identification of Possible Future Utilisation Processes

D4.1 Results from Lab-Scale PF Test Rig

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